November 2019

Sidify Music Converter is a well-taken into consideration sound converter for Spotify.
The software can exchange over Spotify tune institution AAC, MP3 or some different configuration to suit your needs.
Before changing over, has adaptable options to pick from.
After transformation, you may get the exceptional exceptional of the Spotify track ID labels protected.
Sidify Music Converter can trade over any sound information which may be performed in Spotify.
It likewise underpins clump change.
Sidify Music Converter has a simple and instinctive customer interface. Also, there is no requirement for extra equipment or virtual drives. Sidify Music Converter encodes Spotify's music  while recording. MP3 or AAC
In this way, you can appreciate music Spotify's disconnected on any of your units, for example, Ipod, iPhone, Zune, PSP, MP3-player, etc.

What's happening:

Variant 1.3.8:
Discharge notes had been inaccessible when this posting used to be refreshed.
Title: Sidify Music Converter for Spotify 1.3.9
Engineer: © 2016 Sidify Inc
Similarity: OS X 10.9 or later, 64-piece processor
Language: English

Size: 7.78 MB

TurboMosaic is a photomosaic programming that allows you to make the most bewildering picture with little effort mosaics  — we bet you'd be charmingly flabbergasted with the idea of results. 

What is a Photo Mosaic? 

A mosaic is a photo made out of various more diminutive photos. When seen from a partition the end-all strategy is unquestionable while when seen from close up the individual smaller pictures show up out especially. 

What's happening: 

Version 3.0.19: 

Screen capture

Release notes were unavailable when this posting was invigorated. 
Title: TurboMosaic 3.0.20 
Specialist: SilkenMermaid Technologies 
Comparability: OS X 10.9 or later, 64-piece processor 
Language: English 
Size: 85.06 MB

The latest NARUTO SHIPPUDEN game! Participate in Shinobi Formation Battles inside the essential convenient recreation from the Ultimate Ninja recreation plan!

Game Overview

The all-new Shinobi Formation Battle:

Discharge animating Combination Attacks with your accomplices! Also, in case you are near your accomplices, A Shinobi Formation Battle is a key conflict that may be gotten a kick out of with instinctual controls!
Their Field Skills will prompt and you could trade the tides of war on the aspect of you!! Regardless, guarantee your accomplices aren't amassed unnecessarily, or the enemy can cause you furor by ambushing every one of you immediately. While heading off % hits from the enemy, plan to discharge high-quality Combination Attacks to finish your focal objective!!

Arranged Ninjutsu from various ninja:

Ninjutsu are the best approach to battle. A colossal extent of Ninjutsu are featured in the game. They reaching out from stunning unfriendly Ninjutsu, to Ninjutsu that can seal an adversary's improvements! A couple of characters in like manner have an extensively progressively inconceivable Secret Technique!

Acknowledge multiplayer with up to 3 people:

Each vital be played with up to 3 people in multiplayer mode. Adjust yourself to players on the web, and take on various missions!

Featuring a story that seeks after NARUTO SHIPPUDEN:

In story mode, you can re-live Naruto's encounters. Prestigious scenes are duplicated in-game, and make the battles significantly more and more genuine!

Challenge various players in Phantom Castle

Fight with diverse players for the most concentrations and go for the pinnacle in "Apparition Castle," an exceptional mode that need to be gotten to for the duration of interesting occasion periods.
Cut down an immense The number of adversaries that foresee you as you climb Phantom Castle

Mod Info :
Tremendous Chakra
Bit by bit directions to present
1. Clear one of a kind game
2. Download modded APK
a. if you played with mod already, you can place in new mod over it*
3. Present modded APK

4. Appreciate

Prerequisites: and up Review: Ola TV Mod apk is an android utility it is applied to stream stay IPTV channels it has large collection of substance available from specific sources.
Has streams as plenty as 50000 stay TV IPTV Channels ola tv .
It is absolutely unfastened for the clients to utilize and it would not require any club charge to make use of it.
An IPTV Client uses Internet Protocols for the conveyance of TV content over Internet Protocol (IP) structures.
This is in vicinity of conveyance thru common earthly, satellite, and virtual TV designs.
Dissimilar to downloaded media, IPTV offers the capability to transport the deliver media always.
Therefore, a consumer media participant can begin playing the substance, (for example, a TV channel) in no time.
In spite of the truth that IPTV makes use of the Internet convention it isn't confined to TV gushed from the Internet, (Internet TV). IPTV is broadly conveyed in supporter primarily based broadcast communications structures with rapid get right of entry to channels into give up-customer premises through set-pinnacle containers or other client premises hardware. IPTV is likewise applied for media conveyance around corporate and personal systems. IPTV inside the media communications field is eminent for its stop-non institutionalization procedure (e.G., European Telecommunications Standards Institute). IPTV administrations might be characterized into three fundamental gatherings: Live TV and stay media, with or without related intelligence; Time-moved media: as an instance make up for lost time TV (replays a TV show that became communicated hours or days back), begin all over again TV (replays the existing TV seem from its begin); Video on request (VOD): peruse
And spot matters in a located away media listing.
Download the Cracked Apk from below Link Introduce it on your machine Done, Enjoy!

UC Turbo is a software with slight structure, which brings you first-class scrutinizing experience. There are limits, for instance, Fast Download, Secure Browsing, Ad square, Pesonalized Wallpaper HD, Video Download, Multi-language and Homepage Customizable to improve your scrutinizing.
UC Turbo is a program with moderate arrangement, which brings you great inspecting experience.
Download Fast, Secure Browsing, Ad square, Pesonalized Wallpaper HD, Video Download,Multi-language and Homepage Customizable to upgrade your scrutinizing*
Essential features
■ Minimalist Design
■ Fast Download
■ Secure Browsing
■ Ad Block
■ Personalized Wallpaper HD
■ Homepage Customizable
■ Video Download
■ Support Multi-language
Moderate Design
No news stream, no push message, direct but sharp association brings you immaculate and profitable inspecting experience.
Fast Download
Our servers quicken and balance out downloads. By setting high download strings, your download speed may redesign a lot*
Secure Browsing
Covert mode makes you scrutinize in private. Your examining history won't be recorded in this mode.
Ad Block
Ad Block work squares different sorts of advancements that effect your scrutinizing experience. In like manner you can check them physically to square ads with same style in future.
Modified Wallpaper HD

Set your most cherished photos on your phone as backgrounds and offer them to social stage with a solitary tick.
Presentation page Customizable
You can pick your very own presentation page. Add your favored goals to greeting page from Bookmarks (add districts to Bookmarks first), or delete every single intrinsic area to have an unmistakable point of arrival. You can in like manner set your own picture as remarkable scenery. It's beginning and end up to you.
Video Download
Download your desired bills early so that you can watch them anyplace or at anything factor as you wish, even in condition with no framework.
Sponsorship Multi-language
Multi-language changed for you. Pick the language that suits you to achieve prevention free examining*
For help and analysis, if it's not all that much issue go to include pages in Settings. Thankful to you.
What's going on:
Fixed issues on account of which the PC customer administrator didn't deliver results
New sign assistants: make sense of how to quickly move back, forward, and back to the presentation page.
A couple download upgrades and fixes.
Fixes for robustness and execution.
fixed from publicizing
coordinators moved to one

opened youtube

Be Free, Truly Anonymous and Secured. Unblock Any Site. With a quick VPN Connection!
Is your Internet being altered?
Evade oversight, firewall and middle man or woman content material impediments, and get web opportunity!
Watch Hot US and Global TV indicates up, Movies and Sport.
Excessively Fast, Safe and Secure vpn affiliation and Wi-Fi Defender*
Get 6 GB statistics move limit of private web get entry to for Free each month !
Endeavor TapVPN Now!

Bug fixes

Screen capture

HD Video Player is Simple and Fast video player with which you can play HD and ultra HD chronicles of for all intents and purposes all courses of action!

HD Video Player is Simple and Fast video player with which you can play HD and ultra HD chronicles of for all intents and purposes all courses of action! With the most master advancement and humbler memory use, video player give you acknowledge smoother, better quality chronicles and movies!

Principal Features:

– Ultra HD video player, support 4K

– Intuitive once-over and cross section see accounts

– Five gatherings equalizer and bass advertiser

– Auto-turn, perspective extent, screen-lock

– light, Night mode and Multiple courses of action of themes

– HD video playback significance memory improvement

– Support ALL video gatherings, E.g MP4, AVI, etc

【High Quality Video Player】

– Play HD, full HD and 4k video effectively

– Enjoy smoother better quality accounts

– HD Video Player with the device default decoder for unraveling

– Easy to control volume, brightness and playing progress by sliding on playback screen*

【Floating popup player】

– watch your chronicles in full screen or use the floating popup for performing different undertakings*

– Customize the size of the skimming popup to your needs

– Move the drifting popup player wherever you need on the screen

【Support Formats】

Video player supports basically all video plans including AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV, F4V, MOV, WMV, VOB, RMVB, etc, just depends upon your contraption decoder

【Amazing sound effects】

HD Video Player with the equalizer, bass supporter, and stereo incorporate sound impact, Make you need to be in the film

HD video player is one of the Powerful video player and media player application! It is amazingly straightforward and accommodating for you to play your accounts without badly arranged change. You should acknowledge smooth playback of the HD Video Player experience! Play HD films now!

What's going on:

* Fixed customer analysis bugs

Advancements Removed

Quran software is a concentrate of the best Quran reciters on earth, a surprising UI structure and the pleasant sport plan of features.
Quran application is a FREE and not using a obstacle.
● World truly understood reciters such as Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, Sheik Mishary Rashid Alafasy, Cheikh Saad al Ghamedi.
what is more, this is just a hint of some thing larger. ● English elucidations and numerous different language understandings
● Option to reveal any translation close by full Arabic substance in welcome objectives
With Quran software you can in like manner:
Examine the Holy Quran in Arabic near to its elucidation ( French, English or actually have rationalization and significance)
Bookmark your top picks surat and reciters
Download recitations to listen detache
Download all or separately surat
Download recitations of more than 23 reciters
Offer with your friends and family
Quranic Supplications
Repeat and blend limits are fused
Play sound far out while you're using your Android Device
The application has been:
Refreshed: by and by speedier, less troublesome, snappier UI, and progressively magnificent.
Improved for HD appear
The application requires a web relationship with WiFi or 3G/4G for use in case you have not download surat.
you have any information, comments or issues? On the off chance that it's not all that much issue connect with us truly
What's happening:

Fix some minor bugs and crashes in the application

1-Tap to wash all keep, search accounts, calls log, defaults settings and SD card. It is sheltered to nation that you without a doubt are missing the mark on utility accumulating?

You directly can get progressively to be had extra room by using clearing packages made keep/data records.

*** Over 5,000,000 Downloads! *** ★ Cache Cleaner ★ History Cleaner ★ Call/Text log Cleaner ★ Defaults Cleaner ★ SD Cleaner There are five cleaners consolidated into this software. Hold Cleaner, History Cleaner and Call/Text log Cleaner permit you to urge even extra free space for the inside telephone collecting by using clearing programs positioned away files, information reports, or search/course records records. If you've got determined to dispatch makes use of obviously for precise exercises.......

Defaults Cleaner urges you to clear the default settings*

SD Cleaner eradicates trash information from the SD card. Auto or 1-tap to clean all preserve, search history, calls log and therefore the high-quality is you do not need to ROOT the telephone any more! This utility is primary to someone who has reminiscence the officials issues. ★ 1-tap to clean all stored records

★ 1-tap to clear all request and program course records records
★ 1-tap to clean calls log (drawing nearer, dynamic, missed, an superb a part of the time came to)
★ listing all default applications and clear picked defaults
★ domestic screen tool indicates shop and to be had length
★ auto clear all preserve and records at a predefined among time
★ auto clean shop when the device is low on internal additional room
★ clean keep or records for a predefined software
★ prompt if applications used store length big than you proven regard
★ listing programs through either shop, facts, code, tough and fast size or application name
★ see utility on Market ★ uninstall software ★ open application ★ show application nuances page Required approvals: * READ_CONTACTS, WRITE_CONTACTS: show and clear calls log

* READ_HISTORY_BOOKMARKS, WRITE_HISTORY_BOOKMARKS: display and clear application course history records

* INTERNET: for sending the mishap report

Same work as "1Tap Cleaner Free" utility, besides Ad ousted and extra auto clear break picks included.

For customer's manual, FAQ, if it isn't all that much issue tap MENU – Settings – About for nuances. Reviews: ★ http://goo.Gl/EaSd8 (Video) *** Note for Android 4 (ICS) customers ******

* Cache cleaner won't paintings for Android 4.0.1/4.0.2 in light of the Android gadget bug.

Google constant this difficulty in 4.0.3

* Android 4.0.X does not interact third applications to clear as frequently as conceivable called log.

Google constant this difficulty in Android 4.1 You need to gift this software on the phone amassing if you have to use the device paintings. It's required with the aid of Android. We had been picked as a Google I/O 2011 Developer Sandbox associate, for its imaginative association and battlefront advancement. Fill me in with reference to whether you're excited about making an knowledge of this utility to your nearby language. Thankful. WHAT'S NEW Like this application? Keep us awakened by means of giving ★★★★★! V3.24/v3.23

★ 1Tap focusing on Android 8 are precisely visible as "establishment free" on Android eight+

★ aid Android eight notification class ★ send me an email within the event that you'll like better to help the elucidation ★ bugs constant and upgrades

Fight transversely over famous multiplayer maps and play fan-most cherished modes as you plan to be the simplest on earth in Activision's outstandingly anticipated Call of Duty®: Mobile!


The foundation of Call of Duty®: Mobile is heart-siphoning down to business multiplayer. In Call of Duty®: Mobile you will play a couple of incredible maps and modes from transversely over Call of Duty® foundations, including Call of Duty®: Black Ops and the primary Modern Warfare® game plan. Multiplayer is just the start. Over the coming months, stay tuned for invigorates on additional game modes including a remarkable Call of Duty® Battle Royale experience.


As you play Call of Duty®: Mobile you will obtain and open diverse prominent characters, weapons, outfits, scorestreaks, and bits of device from the Call of Duty® universe that can be used to re-try your loadouts.


Use your capacities to climb to the highest in forceful Ranked Mode, or win Clan in-game prizes as you play with buddies.


Best part? Good commitment: Mobile is permitted to-play! The Call of Duty® first-singular shooter experience comes to versatile with predominant delineations and intelligence fans make sure to venerate.

Have the stuff to battle with the best? Download Call of Duty®: Mobile now!

What's going on:

The Closed Beta Test is live in Australia now and will go to additional spaces later on.

Fight transversely over striking multiplayer maps and play fan-most cherished modes as you attempt to be the best on earth in Activision's extraordinarily anticipated Call ofDuty®: Mobile!

Note: Use VPN and interface with Australia



Your download will begin in 15 seconds.

Click here if your download does not begin.

MX Player Pro 


MX Player – The best way to deal with benefit as much as possible from your movies. 

a) HARDWARE ACCELERATION – Hardware accelerating can be applied to more chronicles with the help of new HW+ decoder. 

b) MULTI-CORE DECODING – MX Player is the essential Android video player which supports multi-focus disentangling. Test result showed that twofold focus device's introduction is dependent upon 70% better than single-focus contraptions. 

c) PINCH TO ZOOM, ZOOM AND PAN – Easily zoom in and out by pressing and swiping over the screen. Zoom and Pan is furthermore open by elective. 

d) SUBTITLE GESTURES – Scroll forward/backward to move to straightaway/past substance, Up/down to move message all finished, Zoom in/out to change content size. 

e) KIDS LOCK – Keep your kids drew in without focusing on that they can reach various applications. (module required) 

Mod Lite Info: 

Streamlined plans/Zipalign; 

Clean bits of knowledge and Google examination; 

Tongues: Multi Languages. 

Concealing Mod Info: 

Superseding each and every unique image with shaded ones; 

Obviously used in haziness point with each and every unique catch (settings/player/course/gets ✔); 

Overriding images (pictures) in a keen lock when you contact the screen (contact impacts); 

Renamed to MX Video; 

Substitution images; 

Application improvement 


Exhibiting MX Share, a P2P based record sharing. Directly share your video without the web! (This would require some additional approvals. Scrutinize the application portrayal to know more.) 

By and by remembers a custom Picture-for Picture mode, which is great with all Android versions. Generous to be sure, It is moreover resizable :) 

Other unmistakable upgrades: 

* You would now have the option to use system brightness controls while using PIP. 

* Floating attach and last played checking are at present suitably invigorated when using Background Play

Music player with front line course, beautiful structure, extraordinary sound and Vkontakte coordinate. 

The Player subject depends upon spread workmanship concealing 

For people with astonishing taste 

12 Bands equalizer and 14 effects 

For people with splendid hearing 

Noteworthy sound engine: 

– Crossfade – Smooth change beginning with one track then onto the following 

– 12 gatherings equalizer and 13 sound effects: VolumeAmp, Speed, Tone, Balance, Echo, Reverb AGC, Z-Bass, Z-Mids, Z-Treble, AutoWah, Flanger,Compression 

– Support playlist record: .brief .pls .m3u 

– Supports a gigantic number of unprecedented sound courses of action: WavPack(.wv .wvc), Monkey(.ape), MusePack (.mpc .mpp .mp+), Lossless (.mp4 .m4a .m4b), (.aac .mp4 .m4a .m4b ), (.flac), Speex (.spx .wav .oga .ogg) 

A huge amount of features: 

– Play sound by Folders, Albums Artists,  or Genres 

– The player changes appearance by track's spread workmanship 

– Beautiful lock screen 

– 5 configurable Homescreen devices 

– Customizable appearance of the notification 

– Sleep clock with smooth obscuring of sound 

– Shake or long snap on volume button for next track 

– View sections 

– Tags modifying 

– Automatically download missing spreads or by the customer choice 

– Scrobbling 


– This is the fundamental variation with 10-days limitation. In order to open the player you need to purchase Unlocker 

– If you have any issues or wishes – be free with contact us 


<b>4.91 Update</b> 

We are glad to exhibit you new part – <b>Repeat Modes</b>. 

Long snap on repeat image will show trade with open modes. 

Some of them: Repeat a summary, next rundown, go over a track. 

We believe you welcome it!

Hoxx VPN Service can be used to evade filtered or blocked locales. You can similarly use Hoxx VPN to cover your tracks or possibly guarantee your very own information at open Wi-Fi zones. 

Did you understand that open Internet regions are unsafe for your very own data? Terrible people around you, on a comparable framework can find your very own information. This is possible in light of the fact that you are on a comparable framework and you ought to trust in each other. Why not use Hoxx to decide this issue? Our VPN Servers can handle this issue for you with a few fundamental snaps. 

All you need is a Hoxx record and this App and you are a good thought to go. Hoxx is FREE for everyone. We have in excess of 100 servers wherever all through the world. 

Open districts inside seconds, manage your Internet security, change your territory, and get confirmation from threatening locales. 

No outstanding plan is required; all you need is a generous hoxx record and you can start immediately. We do scramble all of your relationship from program to target site to prevent anyone from taking your very own information, this in like manner prevents others from perceiving what you are doing. 

What's happening: 

Ignored mystery word issue fixed 

This application has no takes note

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